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Husband and Wife, Dan Griffith & Julie Dicterow - Founders of Ramblin' Dan & The Freewheelin' Band
Dan's Teaching Experience

Ramblin' Dan Griffith has taught over 8000 music classes since 2009 and performed at well over 1000 birthday parties and kids' events.
He Started "Ramblin' Dan and the Freewheelin Band" in Jan 2015 and is known by many as the best children's musician on the NYC Scene.  

In addition to creating "Ramblin' Dan" in 2015, Dan was the lead teacher and manager for two music programs from 2009 - 2014: "songs for seeds" and "Music Together." His experience teaching two very different music classes provided him a unique understanding of different teaching methods and their benefits before founding his own company.


Dan's Philosophy - Fun, Comfort & Confidence lead to SELF EXPRESSION.  

Fun – Dan is an entertainer!

First and foremost, Dan wants people to enjoy the experience and not put pressure on the kids or the adults to be “performers” as well. Having fun leads to feeling loose and natural participation.


Comfort Level

Helping people and children feel comfortable begins the moment they walk in the door by gauging their individual needs and teaching them accordingly.  Do they need time on their own watching and adjusting? Do they need instant engagement? What kinds of activities make them feel happy, nervous or silly?  Dan prides himself on evaluating and remembering the needs and tendencies of every child.


Confidence - Feeling good about yourself

Dan truly sees the best in all people!  It’s very important to him that people know how incredible they are (just the way they are).


Authentic self-expression - There is no "right" way to artistically express yourself and no rule that says everyone has to be a "performer."  We want to give kids a head start in the lifelong quest to simply love and accept themselves for who they are.  Our hope is to help children trust their instincts about what is right for them, so they may naturally find their own way that they are meant to shine.


Dan's Bio

Dan Griffith discovered his passion and unique abilities for working with and entertaining children in 2008 when he began teaching the music program, songs for seeds, at the prestigious NYC Children’s company, "apple seeds."  He immediately became the “go-to” performer there, and went on to manage all music at apple seeds, overseeing and teaching both songs for seeds and Music Together.


Of course, it only makes sense that Dan met his wife and business partner, Julie Dicterow, at apple seeds.  In fact, they met at their interview!  Julie has been working with young children since she was a teenager.  In addition to being a star performer for songs for seeds, She was one of the first teachers for "FUNdamentals of Music and Movement,” a well-known music program in California, for which she also helped design the curriculum.  She has also nannied for many families, giving her a great understanding of what parents and nanny's look for in a music class.  


Dan and Julie went on to teach 1000's of classes together at apple seeds.  In 2014, they tied the knot and used their wealth of experience to create their own children's music program, Ramblin Dan & The Freewheelin' Band.  While Dan may be the face of "Ramblin Dan," Julie helps write and design curriculum and ideas, and also joins Dan often at Parties and Events.


Since they launched the program in Jan 2015, Ramblin’ Dan has already earned a reputation as one of the best teachers and kids performers in the city, and is in high demand for both classes and parties.


And who is the Freewheelin' Band?

It's you! All the kids, grownups and anyone at the class, concert or party!  Not to mention any number of other talented musicians that play along with Dan from time to time.  Join the band today!

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