Upper East Side - East 65th St

@ Temple Emanu-el Streicker Center 

1 East 65th Street (between 5th Ave and Madison Ave)
New York, NY 10065

In the Library on The 5th Floor

11 person max per class.

Because the Temple is shutting down until March or later

"Winter Part 2" Semester is cancelled at this location.


Please email us if you would like information about forming a private class in this area of the UES.

We already have a couple private classes forming in the area,

and some of them are willing to take in new people and make new friends :)

Please also see our classes at E75th st HERE

which are continuously running this winter through March





























What to Bring!

-VERY IMPORTANT! Shakers, drums, bells or any instruments you wish to bring for your child to jam on!

See our recommended instruments here

We will have spare instruments to hand out, but be as safe as possible we still recommend you bring your own.

-Mask for adults and children over 2 years old.

-Dancing Scarves 

-Hand Sanitizer


-An infant blanket (like a thin swaddle blanket) for the floor if your child is very young and doing tummy and back time

Make Up Policies/Class Cancellation Policies - See Here

These classes are taught by Bandleader CJ

CJ has been teaching Ramblin' Dan classes for over two years and is in high demand all over NYC!  With 1000 early childhood music classes taught, his engaging approach to the kids, coupled with his exceptional musicianship and quick humor, make his classes entertaining for both the kids and adults!  A “musician’s musician,” CJ plays an array of instruments in professional capacities including guitar, piano and drums, and he is constantly gigging in New York clubs, weddings, and piano bars in addition to rocking out with our little members of The Freewheelin’ Band. We know you'll love his classes as so many already do!


@ Temple Emanu-el Streicker Center 

1 East 65th Street (between 5th Ave and Madison Ave)
New York, NY 10065

In the Library, 5th Floor

This is a GREAT location!

Class will be held in the Library on the 5th Floor. The library is a very comfortable space with wall to wall carpet (a shorter style carpet, which is best for music classes!).  There are also several windows that are out of the kids reach to provide some fresh air, which we of course are very excited about!

Enter on 65th st, between 5th Ave and Madison.  There is a security guard there that will check your proof of vaccination.

You will then leave your stollers there in the hallway on the first floor (by the security guard).
We always recommend that no matter where you leave your stroller you bring any valuables with you.

Classroom Etiquette

-Shoes off in class (and we recommend you wear socks)

-No food in the classroom other than bottles and nursing (please give your children snacks before class if you think they are hungry).

-For adults, please be mindful of wear you put drinks to avoid spills. There are plenty of ledges in the library so just out any drunks there please, and do not put them on the floor.

Covid Protocols

-All Ramblin' Dan Teachers are fully vaccinated

-Bandleader Cj has also received his Booster

All Ramblin' Dan Teachers will wear masks and be tested regularly

-Proof of vaccination will be required every time you attend class.
-Everyone over 2 years old must be masked.

-In general the space is very clean! 

-There are windows in the classroom (!) which we will open. They are out of kids' reach.

-No one showing any sign of sickness may attend class. 

Liability Waiver

By signing up for and attending these classes, you Release Ramblin Dan LLC from any liability for any reason whatsoever for any Health related issue that may arise as a result of you attending the class and specifically as it relates to Covid-19.  We will do everything to be safe on our end, but ultimately you come to class at your own risk during this unique and trying time.