Fall Semester Cancellation and Make-up Policies

Bad Weather/Class Cancellation Policy 
If class has to be cancelled for any reason in the summer semester, including bad weather (too hot, rain, wind, ), or a covid related issue, then we will simply Cancel and Refund you for the class minus a 3% non-refundable credit card fee (which is about $1/class).

Make-up Options (these do not apply to private classes that are not publicly listed and promoted)

-If we have space, we will schedule you for another class for a traditional make-up. We cannot guarantee this option as due to Social Distancing we can only have so many people in any one class, but we'll do our best! 

(limit of two times per semester)

-We can refund Semester Students for One Missed Class a semester less 3% CC fees.

(limit of one time per semester)

-You can give/sell your spot to a friend if you know in advance you will miss class (Your friend will love you for it!)

(no limit of how many times you can use this option)

-Drop in Students Only - No matter what, we will find a way to squeeze you into another class this semester as a one time courtesy. 


-Any Drop-in cancellations/refunds will be less a $5 cancellation fee per class cancelled.

-Any Semester cancellations/refunds (as in, if you cancel the rest of your semester booking) will be less a 10% Cancellation Fee.