Midtown East/Upper East Side

@ A La Mode Shoppe

360 E 55th St, New York, NY 10022


March 30th - June 22nd (Mondays)

12 Classes

No Class May 25th, Memorial Day

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e often sell out.)
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These classes will be taught be Bandleader Sean!  See More info about him at the bottom of this page

All A La Mode Classes are Mondays

Please email ramblindanmusic@gmail.com or call 860-933-0197 with any questions or to inquire about private classes.

Bandleader Sean in action!


These classes will be taught by Bandleader Sean! 

Sean has been with The Freewheelin' band since 2018, and is Dan's most experienced teacher and party performer for The Freewheelin' Band.   He is talented, fun, kind and loved by all his students and families! Sean has done hundreds of parties and classes for Ramblin’ Dan’s Freewheelin’ Band, and even performs at events for Dan such as the "Giggle" Summer Bash this summer.  Sean also teaches at other early childhood programs and does private instruction for older kids too!  He is an amazing musician and all of his locations have had to add more classes due to popular demand!

We know you'll love him! Swing on by and try one of his classes!


p: 860-933-0197

e: RamblinDanMusic@gmail.com


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