Spring Semester In Session!

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Tuesdays w/ Bandleader Peter
April 12 - June 28th (12 weeks)

9:15 (0-4 years) 

10:30 (0-4 years) 

11:30 (0-24 months)

12:30 (0-12 months)


Thursdays w/ Bandleader Peter
April 14 - June 30th (12 weeks)

9:10 (0-4 years) 

10:30 (0-4 years) 

11:30 (0-24 months)

12:30 (0-18 months)

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Semester Spots and Drop in Spots Available

Please Note:

-You MUST pre-register, no walk ins


Please email or call 646-906-1917 with any questions.

What to Bring!

Shakers, drums, bells or any instruments you wish to bring for your child to jam on! We will also supply instruments if you wish to use ours.

See our recommended instruments here

-A comfy waterproof outdoor blanket to sit on.
-Wipes, Hand Sanitizer, Masks

-Sunscreen and sunglasses for your little one in case we decide a sunny spot is the best spot for class.

Bad Weather/Make Up Policies/Class Cancellation Policies - See Here

About Bandleader Peter

Bandleader Peter brings punchy rhythms and upbeat strumming with a warm, familiar vocal presence. A folk musician and storyteller at heart, Peter stages an environment that encourages little ones (and adults!) to express themselves musically and tap into their creative capacities. Everyone has musical potential, and to Peter music is a language of self expression, identity, and freedom. Peter (with guitar and harmonica in hand) has held artist residencies across Harlem and Greenwich Village as well as having extensively toured his native Midwest, from Detroit, to Lexington, Chicago, Des Moines, and many towns in between; a genuine freewheeler in the Freewheelin’ Band!  The guy is also hysterical and will have adults and kids alike cracking up laughing!


See Map HERE

Because Madison Sq Park is relatively small with limited greens that often close when wet,

we have to be prepared for a couple different location options there.

We are very diligent on the customer service side at this location, and will always make sure we communicate with people when we have move locations via text and email.  Please make sure your nanny is also listed on your sawyer contacts with her cell phone so we can also send location updates to them the day of class. 

Our Default location:

See Map HERE

Class will be held directly below the Main Lawn, right in the center of the park West to East.

So that is in the SOUTH side of the park (semi close to the shake shack)


The 9:30 classes will always be held there (since the Greens open at 10).

For the 10:30, 11:30, 12:30 classes:

If the greens are open and we can find space we will look for a green nearby.  If need be we will text the classes where we are.

If anybody in the 10:30 ever wants to come snag a green for us when they open at 10am, we wouldn't mind it ;)

See Map HERE

Bandleader Peter's Number is 231-642-1174 (save it!)

It is very important that you try to arrive to class 5 minutes early, because, due to factors out of our control,

sometimes we need to hold class in different locations in the park from week to week.

No matter what, have your teachers number on hand in case you need help finding him the first day of class. 

Be sure to call BEFORE your class starts.

Social Distance And Safety Requirements

FYI - All Ramblin' Dan Teachers are fully vaccinated


- Every adult who is not vaccinated must wear a mask at all times.   
-Children under 2 years should not wear masks. 
-Children 2 years and older do not need to wear a mask unless they are wandering around and getting close to other children who are not in their pod.

-Feel free to sit close with any of your friends who are in your "pod"
-Please social distance yourself from all other families and do not allow your child to freely wander into their space and grab their toys.
-The easiest way to social distance is by setting up your blanket 6 feet from the people next to you.


Please also do not let them use other children's toys.

There are both parents who DO want their kids to mingle with other kids and those who DON'T. 

You must be very clear to ask other parents if it is ok if your child gets close to theirs. Make it very easy for them to be honest with you and double check they are ok with it.  Otherwise, please just help your child social distance as well.


There are now more symptoms than ever for covid due to the many variants that exist.  This includes a runny nose.  If any sign of sickness by adult or child, they MUST stay home. Whether it's a fever, cough or a runny nose, if you have any sign of sickness you MUST stay home. The teacher will do the same.  

Liability Waiver

By signing up for and attending these classes, you Release Ramblin Dan LLC from any liability for any reason whatsoever for any Health related issue that may arise as a result of you attending the class and specifically as it relates to Covid-19 and weather conditions.  We require adults and children over 4 to wear masks and also require that all attendees social distance during class.  We will do everything to be safe on our end, but ultimately you come to class at your own risk during this unique and trying time.



Our Default Pavement location will be here.

When the greens are open we will always try to get one.

MSP Southern Fountain.jpg