Limited to 10 families (no exceptions)

(FYI - our weekly online classes also running as planned >here<)

Friday Jan 21st

@ Washington Sq Park (w/ Bandleader Tobe!)

3 and 4 pm classes

(Register Here!)

AND! Friday Jan 14

@ UWS Central Park (w/ Bandleader CJ!)

3 and 4 pm Classes

(Register Here!)

-Older siblings as old as 6 years are welcome, but must also register.

-Make sure your child, you, and your nanny are dressed warmly enough
-Bring a comfy outdoor blanket to sit on and lots of musical toys!

-Please ensure your kids are wearing appropriate layers to ensure they are warm enough. Please also bring sunscreen and sunglasses for your little one in case we decide a sunny spot is the best spot for class.

-All adults must wear masks at all times during our classes.  Our Teachers will either use a face shield or a mask while singing.

-We also suggest that all children over 2 years old who are able to wear a mask do so as well, especially if they are moving around during class. I know this is not always possible depending on how your child does with a mask, but give it a try and see how it goes.

-Children under 2 years should NOT wear a mask.

I will also remind everyone again there are NO walk-in ins allowed to ensure we keep classes small enough.  Please do not come to class unless you pre-

A note from Dan

With some high-risk people at risk in my life, I will personally be sticking to online activities for now, but Bandleader's CJ And Tobe do a great job as you know, and both will be trying to help out your stir crazy kids this week while we have some decent weather! 



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