Union Square Classes

Running every Tuesday & Wednesday

@ Union Square Play!

36 East 18th St, First Floor

There is no "semester."

These classes run continuously, barring holidays.
Drop in only

Pre-Register and see live schedule here - www.unionsquareplay.com 

Class Schedule

-Tuesday 9:30 am (0-24 months)

-Tuesday 10:30 am (0-24 months)

-Tuesday 11:30 am (babies only! 0-12 months)

-Tuesday 12:30 pm (infants only! 0-9 months)
-Wednesday 10:00 am (0-24 months)

-Wednesday 12:30 pm (0-12 months)
-Wednesday 3:30 pm (0-36 months)
-Wednesday 4:30 pm (0-36 months)

AND! adding a Wednesday 1:30 0-6 month pre-crawling infant class starting Sept 11th!


Registration Info - Drop in Only

These Classes are very Popular so we recommend you pre-register.

However, you may also take a chance and see if you can get a walk in spot.
Though no "semester" package is sold, you may register for as many classes you like ahead of time

Pre-Register here - www.unionsquareplay.com


Cancellation Policy

if you pre-register for a class, you may cancel on www.unionsquareplay.com & get a full class credit up to an hour before the class begins!


$35 per class with sibling discounts available

10% discount if you buy a "10-pack" of drop in classes!!! (which you can use/spread out however you like)

About Union Square Play

Union Square Play is an amazing, fun and chic early Childhood Class & Play Space in the heart of Union SQ located underneath 

Kellogg's NYC. Brand new renovations, a friendly staff & excellent temperature control make this the perfect place for music classes!


Parent/Caretaker w/ Child Policy
All Ramblin' Dan classes require all children be accompanied by an adult.

Parents, Nannies, Caretakers, relatives & family friends relatives are all welcome!

Other Policies
Shoes off in classroom, and we request that adults please wear socks.
No food in classroom other than bottles, sippy cups and nursing.
Always a good idea to bring a blanket for infants to sit on!


p: 860-933-0197

e: RamblinDanMusic@gmail.com


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