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Kids Instruments

Musical fun isn't only for class.  We recommend frequent jam sessions at home with mom, dad and any other adults and kids. Often, kids will not express themselves to their fullest in class because it takes a long time for some children to feel comfortable and safe enough to do so.  Rather, class is often a place to observe and learn.  Then, kids take what they learn home with them where they feel safe enough to express themselves, experiment and try to mimic all they carefully observed in class.  But they need instruments and willing participants at home to jam with them, so stock up and make a music basket for your home, and jam out as often as you can with your little ones!  And don't forget, the more your child learns to decipher different sounds, the easier it is to understand language, and the more they experiment with their vocal chords while singing, the easier it will be to speak!

These are all quality kids instruments that should last your children a while :)  

Things that "Shake, Shake , Shake"

Little Maracas (also work well for drum sticks):


Jumbo Egg Shakers - (NOT good for children under 9 months old)
in bulk for less:


or if buying just a couple:

Baby Maracas (Great for LITTLE babies)


Things that "Jingle Jangle"
Loop bells

Loop Bell option 2

Toddler Tambourine



An important note on Drum Sticks

Many kids drums/woodblocks come with wooden drum sticks. Do NOT let your child's put the drum sticks in their mouth, as they could be a choking hazard.  These types of drum sticks glue a ball to the end of a stick. As it is only glued on, these balls can occasionally come off and are real choking hazard.  I don't let the kids use these type of sticks at all, but if you do then do it only when supervising them please.

I recommend simply buying some of the "little maracas" above and use those as drum sticks instead.  They are a much safer option.

Kids can also simply use their hands on the drums I recommend. 

If you decide you want more than one size drum, or "a set", these drums nest inside each other nicely when storing.

Drum 6 inch

Drum 8 inch

Drum 10 inch

Drum 12 inch

Drum "Set" of smaller Drum Style

Amazon Link Here

Woodblock (my favorite sound)





Want to go the next level up? 

Kids Keyboard

Target Link Here

More Drums

a HUGE Drum




Mini Guitar

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Screen Shot 2021-06-28 at 9.25.29 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-06-28 at 10.02.47
Screen Shot 2021-06-28 at 10.05.35
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