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Cancellation, Bad Weather and Make-up Policies

Ramblin' Dan Cancellation Policy 

This applies to when we have to cancel a class on OUR end for any reason (teacher is sick, Bad weather, etc)

If class has to be cancelled for any reason, including bad weather (too hot, rain, wind, ), or a health related issue, then we will simply Cancel and Refund you for the class minus a 3% non-refundable credit card fee (which is about $1/class).

Client Cancellation Policy

This applies to when a client has  cancel a class.

-Any Drop-in cancellations/refunds will be less a $5 cancellation fee per class cancelled. Please give us advance notice.

-Any Semester cancellations/refunds (as in, if you cancel the rest of your semester booking) will be less a 10% Cancellation Fee.


These do NOT apply to Union Square Play location. 

Union Square Play has their own cancellation and make-up policies, so you would coordinate with them directly.

If you know you will miss class, please let us know as far in advance as possible.

How many make-ups we allow will depend on how many classes you signed up for.

If you Signed up for 8 weeks or less we can guarantee one make-up for that semester.

If you Signed up for 9 weeks or more we can guarantee two make-ups for the winter and spring  semesters.

You're makeup can be used through any of the following combined methods.


If we have space, we will schedule you for another class for a traditional make-up in your location or another location nearby.  

(while we can only guarantee a certain number of make-ups using this method, we are more than happy to try to get you as many make-ups as needed this way as long as we have the space to accommodate!

2. You can give/sell your spot to a friend if you know in advance you will miss class (Your friend will love you for it!)

(no limit of how many times you can use this option, just please set this up in advance of your class)

3. If all else fails, we will add a credit(s) to your account, which can be used in the future at any time or applied to a birthday party.  For this method we have to stick to the guaranteed number of make-ups we allow as laid out above.


Due to the nature of Private Classes we cannot offer Make-ups or Credits for missed classes.  As they are "private classes" and not listed anywhere publically, we are not able to promote them and fill your spot if you miss.

If you live close enough to any of our public class locations, then we can see if we have room for you in make-ups in those public classes. We cannot guarantee that, but we always try our best to take care of our people :)

If the host is ok with it, you can give/sell your spot to a friend if you know in advance you will miss a class (Your friend will love you for it!).  However, you MUST make sure the host is ok with a different person coming to class in your place first before you float that idea to any of your friends.

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