25 Jobs Ln, Southampton, NY 11968

Classes to be held in their Private & Gated Arboretum! It doesn't get better then this for outdoor classes!
(Bad weather days will have an indoor option as well! Please read all details

Summer Semester Begins June 1st!

Semester Spots and Drop In Spots Available!

We suggest signing up for the semester if you can since these classes will sell out.

Registration at Bottom of the Page (click here :)


Semester price is $40/class ($520/semester)

Drop in Price is $45/class

Siblings under 5 months are free

Siblings over 5 months or twins are 50% for second child.

Wednesdays  w/ Bandleader Brendan Teaching!

June 1st - August 24th (13 Classes)

Class times

9:30 and 10:30 (0-4 years)
11:30 and 12:30 (0-24 months)

Registration at Bottom of the Page (click here :)

You MUST pre-register online, no walk ins


These classes/concerts are taught by Bandleader Brendan

Brendan has been teaching Ramblin' Dan classes since 2019 and kids all over Long Island are loving the Brendan Experience. He is an amazing guitarist and singer!  He can play ANYTHING, and has a huge repertoire.  His versatile voice can handle both gritty rock and roll and sweet lullabies, and  his genuine "sweetheart" personality shines through the whole time.  Brendan is sure to help your little one feel safe and cared for so they can feel free to let loose and rock out this semester!

Please take note, these classes have a large capacity.  They may feel a little more like fun summer concerts than our normal smaller classes.   And we think right now that sounds perfect for a really fun summer activity in the Hamptons.

Please email with any questions.

What to Bring!

We will have instruments to share, BUT if you prefer to use/bring your own, you may do so.

See our recommended instruments here

-A comfy waterproof outdoor blanket to sit on (OUTDOOR CLASSES ONLY)

-Sunscreen and sunglasses for your little one in case we decide a sunny spot is the best spot for class. (OUTDOOR CLASSES ONLY)

-Wipes, Hand Sanitizer,

Masks for adults (indoor classes on rainy days only)

Bad Weather/Class Cancellation Policy (IMPORTANT!)

These are primarily Outdoor Classes, and our default option will always be to hold them outdoors on nice weather days.


But if it is a Rainy Day, then class will be held inside a Spacious Room inside the Southampton Art Center.

This depends on if they have space for us indoors on a given day. They usually should, but there could be occasions when that room could be used for something else, so there is a small chance that on some rainy days we will just have to cancel. If we ever need to cancel a class we will refund you less a 3% cc fee.  We will be sure to communicate the plan clearly at all times on bad weather days.

If class ever just has to be cancelled for any reason including dangerous storms or a covid related issue then we will simply Cancel and Refund you for the class minus 3% CC fees ($1/class)

FYI - At this time, if we need to be indoors for any class, we will plan to have adults mask to keep our little ones as safe as possible.  We will notify you if that changes, but for now, just plan to have adults mask up if we do classes inside at any point.

Outdoor classes will never require masks.

When it comes to indoor classes and covid:
We will act accordingly to whatever the Covid numbers are if we have to go inside.
If there is a variant causing concern, we will will give people the option to cancel and be refunded if we have to go indoors.  If the numbers are good, then we'll just plan on having a great climate controlled indoor class when needed.  Lets just hope for NO RAIN and LOW NUMBERS :)  
Of course if you have any specific concerns, we are here to help and will be flexible as we always aim to be.


Make-up/Credit Options

-If you alert us in advance that you will miss a class,  we can credit you back for it.

limit of 2 times if signed up for more than 8 classes

limit of one time if signed up for 8 classes or less


Other Options Include
-You can give/sell your spot to a friend if you know in advance you will miss class (Your friend will love you for it!)
-Drop in Students Only - we will find a way to squeeze you into another class this semester as a one time courtesy.

Location Details

Southampton Arts Center

25 Jobs Ln, Southampton, NY 11968.

There is a Public Parking Lot for the Southampton Arts Center! (No need to street park!)

Since there is parking there, hopefully you do not need strollers.  If you do need them, that's ok, but especially on days that class has to be held inside for rain, we need to reduce the amount of stroller parking as much as we can.

Outdoor Classes will be in their Arboretum anytime the weather allows!

Indoor classes Inside the Southampton Arts Center

Let's cross our fingers for nice weather every week so we can always be outside :)

Come  5-10 minutes early to find Brendan and set up your blanket

If it is your first class, please give yourself extra time to locate Brendan before your class begins.

Brendan's phone number is 754-801-9239

No matter what, have Brendans number on hand in case you need help finding him the first day of class. 
Be sure to call BEFORE your class starts.

If you need help at any point please feel free to email
Or call/text our manager Adam at 646-906-1917
Or lastly you can call/text Dan at 860-933-0197  (or just put Dan and Adam on the same text :)


Social Distance And Safety Requirements

FYI - All Ramblin' Dan Teachers are fully vaccinated


1. MASKS  (only required when we have to do class inside due to bad weather. Hopeful Not often!)

-Feel free to sit close with any of your friends who are in your "pod"
-Please social distance yourself from all other families and do not allow your child to freely wander into their space and grab their toys.
-The easiest way to social distance is by setting up your blanket 6 feet from the people next to you.


Please also do not let them use other children's toys.

There are both parents who DO want their kids to mingle with other kids and those who DON'T. 

You must be very clear to ask other parents if it is ok if your child gets close to theirs. Make it very easy for them to be honest with you and double check they are ok with it.  Otherwise, please just help your child social distance as well.


There are now more symptoms than ever for covid due to the many variants that exist.  This includes a runny nose.  If any sign of sickness by adult or child, they MUST stay home. Whether it's a fever, cough or a runny nose, if you have any sign of sickness you MUST stay home. The teacher will do the same.  

Liability Waiver

By signing up for and attending these classes, you Release Ramblin Dan LLC from any liability for any reason whatsoever for any Health related issue that may arise as a result of you attending the class and specifically as it relates to Covid-19 and weather conditions.  We require adults and children over 4 to wear masks and also require that all attendees social distance during class.  We will do everything to be safe on our end, but ultimately you come to class at your own risk during this unique and trying time.