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Semester Playlists

Spring Playlist (April-June)

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Whether you're currently enrolled in classes or not, we invite you to use this semester playlist as a diverse and thought-out soundtrack to help your child develop musically and have a great time doing it!  

About our Semester Playlists

Each Semester, we select 30-40 songs to make our Semester's Curriculum.

This "Semester Playlist" blends  Ramblin' Dan originals, classic kids songs, nursery rhymes and also adult songs. 

During the semester, we will play each song 3-4 times to ensure your child gets enough repetition

to absorb and process the song. 

Of course, if you are taking our classes In-Person or Online, these are the songs we will be playing in class, so use this playlist to make the most of your classes.  As always, we have both adult songs and kids songs in the playlist to keep our adults happy too!

Repetition is Crucial to Learning

Repetition will DRASTICALLY help your child learn anything faster and better, so try to use this playlist as often as possible to help your child learn some music well.   Plus, once a child is familiar with a song, they are MUCH more likely to enjoy it and try to sing and play it themself in their own way.


Creating the Musical Template in your Child's Brain

Once your child know just a few songs REALLY well (at least internally),  it is so much easier to learn more music from that point on.

This ability will last their WHOLE LIFE once it is established!

Why Playing the Music at Home Matters

While children learn a TON by coming to classes, they often will express what they have learned at their home rather than in class.This is because home is their ultimate comfort zone.  Children can be nervous in public settings, and there is SO much for a child to process in classes, so sometimes they are too busy taking everything in to also put something out. Playing these playlists at home gives them a safe space to practice and perform all the behaviors they are observing in their class from our teachers, other kids and adults.

How we Construct our Playlists

We aim to provide a mix of songs that your child already knows well and songs that will expose them to new styles of music. In addition, most of the songs are chosen because we feel they are particularly developmentally appropriate for children. For instance, "We Will Rock You" has a "can't miss" repetitive rhythm that can single handedly give your child an understanding of rhythm.  It's also very simple with only drums and vocals, so it's easy for children to digest.

A song like "Don't Worry Be Happy" has a chorus that only uses the sound "ooooooo." By taking out language in that moment,you're child can simply focus on the melody and rhythm, so it's easy for preverbal kids to try to sing along.

A song like "Barbana Ann" is incredibly easy for your child to sing along to because of the repetitive "Ba, Ba, Ba" in the song. Every song in our curriculum has a purpose. 

We look forward to sharing these songs with you in class!



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