Upcoming Classes & Concerts

Zoom Classes Every Thursday!

15 person Max w/ Ramblin' Dan

9:30, 11:00, 3:30 (3:30 starts July 23)

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And! Central park Classes Every Thursday!

w/Bandleader CJ

10 person Maximum

9:45, 10:45

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And! Westchester Outdoor Classes Ever Monday!

w/Ramblin Dan

3:30 and 4:30

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Ramblin' Dan Webcasts & On Demand Videos

See all Dan's videos at  www.youtube.com/c/ramblindansfreewheelinband 
and see some samples below :)

One of my "Costume" Vid's!

Making Music In The Kicthen!

A sample of my "thematic" videos! This one is a sing-along book!

On Demand Videos

See All My Pre-recorded HD Vids on my Youtube Page, 

My Facebook Live Vids Here

and more at www.unionsquareplay.com

I now have many "Quarantine videos on demand you can watch any time!  These Include "Good ol' Ramblin' Dan Music Classes," but also include costumes, props themes, "covers only" and more!

Just one sample of my "Classic Ramblin Dan Class" videos!

Live Webcasts

There's nothing Dan loves more than engaging kids Live even if we have to do it through a screen for now.  Dan will shout out to each and every child if you say "hello from ..." in the comment box. 

Right now all Live Webcasts are being done on www.facebook.com/ramblindanmusic

So "like" Dan's Facebook and Instagram page now so you know when he is going live!


Contributions Are Appreciated

I have decided not to file for unemployment during this time, so while I will not be charging for any webcasts, any contributions (no matter the size) are deeply appreciated by my family and I
You can send contributions to:
-Venmo (@ramblindanmusic and last 4 digits of phone number are 0197)
-or Paypal or Zelle - send to ramblindanmusic@gmail.com

Or use a credit card below



Also please join ALL my social sites as I could post additional footage anywhere any time :)




We will get through this!

Love to all your families. 


p: 860-933-0197

e: RamblinDanMusic@gmail.com


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