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@ PlayWell Brooklyn

94 9th Str, Brooklyn, NY 11215

Winter 2 Classes Start Jan 17th!

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Semester Spots and Drop-In's Available!

Tuesdays w/Bandleader Steve

Jan 17th - March 21st

(10 Weeks)

9:45 (0-3 years)

12:15 (0-24 months) 


Older siblings aged 4-5 years may also register in the 0-3 years class


Please Note

-You MUST pre-register, no walk ins


Please email or call 646-906-1917 with any questions.


Register Bottom of Page! Click Here

Semester Spots and Drop-In's Available!

FYI - Other Brooklyn Location in Dumbo! - See Here


About PlayWell Brooklyn

94 9th Str, Brooklyn, NY 11215

PlayWell Brooklyn is an amazing new creative, fun, child-safe interactive movement based social play facility.  They offer open play as well as group classes for kids of all ages and their families and also offer Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapy, Counselors, and more!

Windows for fresh air!

HVAC Systems with Merv 13 Filters
-Masks are optional
-All Ramblin' Dan Teachers are all vaccinated. 
-In general the space is very clean and cute!!  


Classroom Etiquette: 
-Shoes off inside please
-No solid food or pouches as it is distracting for other kids and also could make a mess.
-Bottles/nursing/ and non-staining drinks are fine for your kids though :)
-For parents drinking coffee, smoothies, etc please make sure you always put your drinks in a safe place or in a spill safe container. We don't want to ruin any rugs! Lol
-Music is Social! We are happy if music class can be a time for adults to socialize with their friends, but please do so quietly, so the kids can hear the music without your teacher having to yell.


What to Bring!

-1 or 2 dancing scarves for your child, which we use every 2-3 classes.

-If you have a young infant who is not sitting up yet on their own or is still spitting up,

please bring a thin blanket for them to roll around on and to protect the rug from spit up (lol).

We will supply instruments for kids to jam on in in class! (which we clean after each class)

We do ask that you buy yourself some instruments so your kids can jam at home!
Playing music at home will give them a chance to explore all they have learned in class.

See our recommended instruments here


These Classes are taught by Bandleader Steve

Bandleader Steve’s friendly and energetic essence can only be matched by his vibrant musicality! In the spring of 2022, Steve brought a fresh, invigorated voice to Ramblin’ Dan that immediately became appreciated by all!  Constantly performing his own music in NYC and pushing his musical boundaries, your kids are bound to latch onto his infectious joy for music.  Best of all, his undeniably kind nature makes him easy for kids to trust and feel safe to explore and express themselves in class.  


Don't Come to Class if You're Sick!

There are now more symptoms than ever for covid due to the many variants that exist.

This includes a runny nose. If any sign of sickness by adult or child, they MUST stay home. 

Wether it's a fever, cough or runny nose, if you have any sign of sickness you MUST stay home. 

The teacher will do the same. 


Liability Waiver

By signing up for and attending these classes, you Release Ramblin Dan LLC from any liability for any reason whatsoever for any health related issue that may arise as a result of you attending the class.

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