Online Music Classes

Every Thursday!
Taught by Ramblin' Dan

Hosted By Union Square Play And the Parenting+ App!

Mixed Ages 11:15, 5:15 > Click here to register

Babies Only 12:15 > Click here to register
All class times are eastern times

Union Square play launched a new app and web community called Parenting+, an all in one parenting center for early childhood! 

While you can still order our online classes a la carte for $20, a $25/month membership will get you UNLIMITED classes from me, famed movement instructor Dionne Kamara and amazing puppeteers, "Puppetsburg." 

Or for $35/month you can get all the classes + you will get personal access to experts in many
 fields of parenting and child development, including support on feeding, sleeping, emotional and physical development and so much more.

Start your free trial today at