(W77th St and Central Park West)

Spring Semester Begins April 5th!
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Mondays w/Bandleader CJ
April 5th - June 14th (9 Classes - Memorial Day is off)

9:30 (0-4 years) 

11:45 (0-24 months) 

Wednesdays w/Ramblin' Dan Teaching
April 7th - June 23nd (12 Classes)

3:15 & 4:15 (0-4 years) 

Thursdays w/Bandleader CJ
April 8th - June 24th (10 Classes)

9:45 & 10:45 (0-4 years) 

11:45 (0-24 months) 

Registration and Class Ages at Bottom of the Page

The initial registration period will be for semester sign ups only. 

If we have room for drop-in's we will open drop in spots March 21st


Please Note:

-You MUST pre-register, no walk ins


 -The Monday, Wednesday and Thursday classes have different length semesters.

-There are different Bad Weather Policies between Dan's Classes and Bandleader CJ's classes. See more info Below

Please email ramblindanmusic@gmail.com or call 860-933-0197 with any questions or to inquire about private classes.

These Upper West Side Classes classes are taught by Ramblin' Dan (Wednesdays) and Bandleader CJ  (Mondays & Thursdays)

About Bandleader CJ!
CJ has been teaching Ramblin' Dan classes for over two years and has become high in demand!  

His engaging approach to the kids, coupled with his exceptional musicianship and quick humor make his classes fun

for both the kids and adults! We know you'll love his classes as so many already do!

What to Bring!

-VERY IMPORTANT! Shakers, drums, bells or any instruments you wish to bring for your child to jam on!

-A comfy waterproof outdoor blanket to sit on.
-Wipes, Hand Sanitizer, Masks

-Sunscreen and sunglasses for your little one in case we decide a sunny spot is the best spot for class.

Bad Weather/Class Cancellation Policy (IMPORTANT!)

If class has to be cancelled for any Reason including bad Weather, or a covid related issue then:
-If you are registered for Dan's Class will will meet the same day/time ONLINE. 

Dan has been doing tons of online classes, has incredibly good Sound equipment to run them, and your kids will have a ball at class.


-If you are registered for CJ's Class, we will postpone class by extending the semester one week, or two weeks if we have to cancel two classes.  After 2 postponed classes, if we have to cancel more classes, then at that point we will pivot to having CJ teach the rained out class online that same day/time as you would normally meet rather than postponing the semester any longer.

Make-up Options (limit of 2 per semester)

-If you alert us 48 hours in advance that you will miss a class,  then we can refund you for the class less 3% cc fees.
-You can give/sell your spot to a friend if you know in advance you will miss class (Your friend will love you for it!)
-Semester Students Only - you can do a make-up with Dan online during one of his 4 thursday classes.
-Drop in Students Only - we will find a way to squeeze you into another class this semester as a one time courtesy.



Call your Bandleader for the Day if if you need help finding class.
Dan (Wednesdays) 860-933-0197

CJ (Thursdays) 412-657-2992

Come  5 minutes early to find your TEacher and set up your blanket.
Enter Central Park at W 77th st and Central Park West. Take your VERY FIRST LEFT down a sidewalk that goes down a pretty steep hill.  
You will see a medium size green at the bottom of the path, which is usually where we do class. However, if that green is closed for winter, we will set up in a small green space just to the east or west of it, where we deem best.
Either way we will be easy to find and in that general area

(again see Map at bottom of the page)

Social Distance And Safety Requirements

All Parents and Nannies need to follow these rules, or they will not be allowed back until normal days resume and may even be asked to leave.

-All adults must wear a mask at all times. With numbers being what they are it's a must right now

-Children 4 years and older must also wear masks.

-We also encourage children 2-3 years to wear masks, but we do not require it

-Everyone must bring their own blanket and space them 6 feet apart forming a big circle with the teacher as part of the circle

-If your child needs to move, that's ok, but be be ahead of the game here. Don't let them run through everyone and make you catch them.  Notice they need to move and walk them around the outside of the group, so they still stay 6 feet from everyone.

Remember, if your child needs to move you can get up and dance and jump around, and it's totally fine if you need to distance yourself from the group for a little bit so they can run around or move more freely.

Liability Waiver

By signing up for and attending these classes, you Release Ramblin Dan LLC from any liability for any reason whatsoever for any Health related issue that may arise as a result of you attending the class and specifically as it relates to Covid-19.  We require adults and children over 4 to wear masks and also require that all attendees social distance during class.  We will do everything to be safe on our end, but ultimately you come to class at your own risk during this unique and trying time.

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