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UWS Music Classes That Kids & Their Parents Love

Scroll down or click HERE to see our TWO locations on the Upper West Side!

Ramblin’ Dan music classes are built on real interactions between our bandleaders and the kids attending. Our primary goal is making sure that every child KNOWS how important and amazing they are.  We put a ton of work into our playlists to make sure they’re developmentally appropriate AND full of music that won't drive you up the wall when you hear it a million times at home. 

We're not your average early childhood music program, just listen to this:

Dan is beyond amazing. He is seriously like a celebrity for babies - it's adorable. DAN ROCKS!!!
It was perfect!!! Gerard was absolutely wonderful and the adults and kids all loved him. I would one million percent recommend him. Thanks again!
CJ and the band were AMAZING and the kids had a blast! We loved it (so did the other parents!) and will hope to see you guys again soon!

Annie (Mom of 2 Yr-old)

Jackie (Mom of 1-Yr Old)

Kelly (Mom of 3 Yr-old)

ramblin_dan_00270 (1)_edited.jpg

Growing kids' self-acceptance and self-worth through music!

There's no better feeling than feeling appreciated. It brings out the best in everybody. And we work hard to give kids an environment that they can count on where that's the case. We may be one small drop in their week but we want that part of their week to be a part that creates self-love.


Every child should feel without a doubt that their teacher is happy that they're there and excited to be making music with them. 

Two Locations On The Upper West Side: 


The Jewish Center

131 w 86th St

10th floor

Wednesdays w/ Bandleader CJ

Thursdays w/ Bandleader Will


Momentum Fitness

246 Columbus Ave

W 72nd Street

Mondays w/ Ramblin' Dan 

Thursdays w/ bandleader CJ

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